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Buying a new phone, especially a flagship one, is definitely an investment and for almost everybody, that price tag is scary! Yet, there is always another way: get a refurbished phone.

If you are one of those people who gets these kinds of messages mixed and end up congratulating the cat for the engagement, this is for you.

Since it’s cleary iPhone season, pumpkin spice & everything, all the recent buzz surrounding new releases has got everybody thinking about a new phone. We are not even going to say that the season of giving – shopping – is just around the corner and not even kids are satisfied by stockings for Xmas unless Ironman wore them before. Let’s face it, we all want a new gadget!

We all have that one friend that knows exactly what to say, regardless of the situation, whether your cat just saw a cucumber for the first time, your daughter mastered the art of going to the potty, your cousin got engaged or your boss’ first kid was born.

There is nothing spooky about refurbished cell phones – especially if you think about the undeniable assets they can bring to the table & your budget since they are considerably cheaper than their new versions. So when it comes to saving money or getting more for what to pay, this is the way to go.  If you can find one that meets your specifications and works with the carrier of your choice or get one that is unlocked, you have all you need at a bargain price.

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    1. I was thoroughly impressed with everyone at Technics! We were very happy with the service, work and price. Thank you!

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